White Noise Additive Synth

Additive interface

Break the mold! Additive synthesis is capable of producing almost any kind of sound. Why continue using the same analog synths everyone else is using? Now is your chance to create something truly unique!

  • Visually draw your own waveforms, timbral changes and filters. You can even load a .BMP file to use as a spectrum.
  • Easily come up with new timbres and sounds by analysing .wav files. Load a .wav into the formant filter for a vocoded sound.
  • Create sounds as wild as your imagination. Additive synth is capable of reproducing realistic voices and accoustic instruments, analog sounds, vocoded sounds, FM sounds, ambient pads and more.
  • Use the formant filter to immitate accoustic instrument body, analog filters, a human vocal tract, or other worldly resonances. Sweep it or morph it. Ever wanted to be able to morph between a hp lp and bp filter? Now you can!


SSE Enabled Processor
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
256 MB RAM
At least a 1 ghz processor recommended
Price: $99 USD

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