bleep!BOX is an electronic drum and synth sequencer for your iPhone and iPad. It's been featured in Computer Music, Futuremusic, and ranked it #3 in its "Top 10 Music Apps on the iPad" article. bleep!BOX truly allows you to unleash your creativity. Since all sounds are synthesized in realtime, you won't get tired of hearing the same samples over and over again. You have the freedom to tweak everything and make your own sounds. bleep!BOX's synthesis engine is tailored for recreating classic drum machine sounds as well as squelchy 2-Oscillator synths.

bleep!BOX is available for both the iPhone and iPad as a single Universal Binary - meaning there is no separate 'HD' version for you to buy.

Features List

  • - Universal Binary – one app for your iPad and iPhone
  • - 10 Synth / Drum parts (aka voices)
  • - Emulations of ‘classic’ x0x drum sounds (snares, hihats, claps, bassdrums, toms, cymbals)
  • - Ringmod, FM, Phase Modulation, Sync
  • - 50+ Parameters
  • - Global delay FX
  • - Soft / Hard distortion FX
  • - 8 Waveforms – Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, etc
  • - Save patches and presets
  • - Live performance modes – Loop / Stutter, Mute
  • - Step sequencing + recording modes
  • - Parameter automation
  • - Realtime processing – NO SAMPLES
  • - Song Mode – make songs from multiple patterns
  • - .WAV export
  • - Copy and Paste audio into other apps like Beatmaker and Looptastic (General Pasteboard method)
  • - Pattern export / import
bleep!BOX - New Presets by White Noise Audio
bleep!BOX is available in the App store. See the app store for your region's exact price.
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