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Genome MIDI Sequencer (GMS) is a pattern based MIDI sequencer. With GMS you can control all of your MIDI gear - sequence single patterns or an entire 16 track song.

GMS is fun, easy and portable. Whether you want to make music from the couch, a hotel room or on stage, GMS is the right tool for the job.

It is great for musicians looking to try an alternate studio setup, searching for a compact sequencer to bring to band practice or those who just want to find a way to ditch the bulky laptop.

GMS easily syncs your drum machines and arpeggiators by sending and receiving MIDI clock messages. General MIDI files can be exported and imported for integration with desktop apps*.

GMS is compatible with any CoreMIDI interface. This includes other CoreMIDI enabled apps, devices that work with the Camera Connection Kit and Network MIDI**. Network MIDI allows you to send events to your Mac Desktop or to other iOS devices and apps.

GMS is available for $12.99 USD in the Apple App Store.

Have questions? See the Help or FAQ's. Wondering about compatability with other apps? See the OMAC page.

* Supports exporting songs and patterns from GMS and importing MIDI loops (not complete multitrack songs).

** Network MIDI allows MIDI communication between iOS devices and Mac desktops. Windows works via the rtpMIDI driver, but we do not officially support this. Latency varies depending on your network, hardware and software.


  • Pattern based MIDI Sequencing built with live performance in mind
  • Simple touch interface to quickly realize your musical ideas
  • Compatible with CoreMIDI accessories
  • Supports Network MIDI for sending MIDI to Mac and iOS devices (Windows is possible but not officially supported)
  • Supports sending MIDI to other apps over CoreMIDI and Background Audio mode
  • Synth and Drum Machine Instruments for making self-contained songs and sketching out ideas.
  • Basic Audiobus Support
  • Sends and Receives MIDI Clock Sync, Start and Stop events
  • Also sends Note On, Note Off, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Program change, Channel Pressure and CC's
  • Pattern based changes occur on bar boundaries so song stays in sync
  • On screen keyboard interface
  • Scales (built in and user defined)
  • MIDI Echo for using a single MIDI Controller
  • Background operation for sequencing other apps
  • Up to 16 simultaneous tracks, unlimited number of patterns
  • Song / live modes
  • Unique 'Remix Pads' for looping and twisting your patterns live
  • MIDI Learn for triggering patterns via MIDI
  • Groove templates for giving your patterns 'swing' (or a live feel)
  • Record incoming CC's and Notes
  • Undo / redo for most actions
  • Metronome

Available on the App Store